These are my two children Jimmy and Crissy Brackett as are most parents I was very thankful to have two healthy children. However, they were plagued by seizures like most of our family. I was always worried about it, but was hoped with proper medication they would grow up to live normal productive lives. That dream was shattered when I received a phone call on April 15, 2000, Jimmy was having a seizure, please come. That call was followed by another telling us Jimmy had died. I was as numb. He left behind a wife, a 2 year old daughter and family that loved him so much. After that, I was so afraid for Crissy, none of us could understand how this could happen, People just don't die from seizures. Crissy became pregant and of course, I was more worried than ever since my seizures increased after the birth of both the kids. This nagged at me &there was this horrible feeling that something was going to happen to Crissy too. After speaking to her doctor about my fears, he ran an MRI, blood work &an EEG. However, he didn't do an EKG which as it turns out is the one he should have ran. Crissy gave birth to a baby girl named Jessica on 11-23-2001. She was thrilled to be a mom. However, I still couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Everyone said I was still reeling from losing Jimmy the year before. On on July 25, 2002, I received a call to get to the hospital, Crissy had passed out and Chad couldn't get her to come to. When I got to the hopsital the doctor took us to a room & said that Crissy was gone too. They were sorry, Crissy was could this be? This can't be happening not both of my kids! Two children without their parents, and me without my kids how was I supposed to go on? About ten months after Crissy died, my Mom was rushed to the hospital for what we thought was a panic attack, Dr's discovered that we have a medical condition called Long Qt syndrome & it is hereditary. Long QT is an arrythmia of the heart that causes sudden death if left untreated or not treated properly. A simple EKG could have saved Jimmy & Crissy's life.

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